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Power Illusion 
Software Lenticular para  Mac OS  y Windows 8 y 10
Power Illusion  ofrece un nuevo concepto revolucionario en el diseño lenticular. Utilización de las teclas que el usuario puede controlar la Visibilidad, la Opacidad, Profundidad Posición, Zoom y Rotación de cada capa. Esto permite la mezclar sin esfuerzo del movimiento, Voltea, Zoom y 3D todo en un proyecto en capas.

Power Illusion offers a revolutionary new concept in lenticular design. Using keys the user can control the visibility, opacity, parallax, position, scale and rotation of every layer. This allows for the effortless mixing of motion, flips, zooms and 3D all in one layered project.

Home Illusion 
Mac OS X or Windows XP 

Home Illusion allows both Mac and PC users take 2D digital pictures and turn them into amazing 3D images that require no glasses for viewing. Additionally, Home Illusion can take digital video and make animated prints that you can view over and over with no special equipment.
Powerful Depth Paint 
Mutiple Languages
Layer, mask and clone 2D images. 
Import layered Photoshop? documents and convert them to 3D in a few simple clicks. 
Automatic pitch adjustments, never worry about the lens fitting to the print. 
Work in Pixels, Centimeters and Inches 
Scale Rotate and Position layers. 
Import Position and render frames from 3D cameras. 
Render for the Photo Illusion 40 lens or 60,62,75,100 and MORE! 
Add text layers to 3D or animated documents.

Triaxes 3DMasterKit 
Shareware for Windows/XP  

3DMasterKit is designed for creation of stereo images and lenticular images, photos, advertising products with special effects (stereo ? 3D, lenticular: flipping, morph, animation, zoom); 
StereoMeter is used to calculate the optimal stereo base for making stereo photos; 
StereoTracer implements the "depth map" method for creating series of stereo frames from a single photo & a depth map image; 
3DMorpher is designed for making series of frames illustrating transformation of one still image to another image. This program is used to generate series of stereo frames from the stereopair photos. Printers, advertising studios, photo studios, photographers might find it a useful and cost effective solution that will extend their business in a new dimension, increase quality and productivity of making 3D images and lenticular products. 

Triaxes StereoTracer 

Triaxes StereoTracer is designed for rendering multi-view images out of one original image and depth-map (also known asdisparity image or Z-image ) in order to create stereo or 3D-image.

Lenticular Effects 
The Lenticular Effects 3.0 software, available for Windows PC and Apple MacOS X, is all you need to create flip, zoom, morph, animation and 3D lenticular effects and their combinations. In the past, the process of producing lenticular images was a pretty arcane art which involved many different aspects of graphic design, image manipulation, 3D compression and the use of high-tech software and hardware. It is only fairly recently that it has been possible to produce lenticular images with media other than lithographic printers or photographic processes for high volume print runs. The arrival of high quality ink, continuous tone and laser printers has brought low volume print runs within the reach of the private user or small business.

Flip & 3-D Genius 
Flip! is a flexible WIN 95/98/NT program for interlacing graphic images to fit a lenticular screen. Flip! can be used to make winkie-blinkie flip images, motion, or 3-D lenticulars. Flip! accepts up to 50 images in the tiff, CMYK tiff, gif, bmp, jpeg, or pcx formats and outputs a tiff file ready for printing, outputting to film, or color separations.

HumanEyes PrintPro 
Mac OS x 10.3 and later 
HumanEyes PrintPro v2.0 is available for both digital and litho print applications. HumanEyes PrintPro generates ready-to-print, interlaced files and allows you to work seamlessly with your existing printing equipment to produce superior results. 

With HumanEyes PrintPro v2.0 software you can:
  • Cover the entire workflow of 3D image production - from capturing the source files to generating a calibrated, ready-to-print/display file.
  • Produce items such as business cards, direct mailing, product packaging, posters, point of sale materials and commercial, and out-of-home signage in 3D. 

HumanEyes Creative 3 D
Mac OS x 10.4.7 and later 
  • Turn 2D Images to 3D ? use any photos
  • Easy Layering ? easily layer images from a single image
  • Image Completion ? amazingly fills in blank holes
  • Animations ? Zoom, Opacity, Movement and Rotation
  • Flips ? Just add images and you are ready
  • New Convergence Tool ? control and change yourself the image's focal point.
  • Improved flip capabilities that make the timeline even easier to use.

HumanEyes Capture 3D - Photography Software 
Mac OS x 10.3 and later, 


Lenticular Image Creator 
Free for personal, hobby, educational and evaluation use Windows and OSX
Current technologies are now allowing personal computers and consumer level printers to create images with fine resolution to create dazzling effects under lenticular lenses. This software fills the gap for a free or low cost, cross platform interlacing solution. LIC is currently available for Windows and OSX.

LIC imports and exports many different image formats including jpg, bmp, tiff and many others allowing you to fit it right in to your current workflow. Projects can be saved and re-opened at a later time preserving your imaging settings and letting you quickly re-interlace an image after source image tweaks have been done. Read more about LICs features in the documentation
http://www.3dmagic.com.cn/en/index/index.php 3D MAGIC v2.0 professional lenticular software can be used to design the lenticular images of 3D, many kinds of flips, animation, moving, rotating, scaling, morph, and a hundred of combination effects. Any lenticular materials can be used, the preview effects can be saved as GIF files, and the design effects can be saves as TIFF files. 

Freeware: Andrew Rowbottom 
Lentikit is a work in progress, it will become a set of tools for producing and adjusting images for use with lenticular sheets or barrier screens to produce 3D autostereograms. The full featureset is not decided, nor will it ever be.
So far Lentikit is the work of a single person, though contributers are very, very welcome.

Interlacer? PRO 
Shareware Windows98-XP, Apple MacOS 9.2. Apple MacOS X

Image Interlacer? Pro is the ultimate solution in the field of professional Lenticular printing. A revolutionary software that enables anybody to accomplish excellent results in no time. One of the unique features is the easy and independent realization of even the most complex print jobs. No time consuming processing or complex step-outs. 
Magic Interlacer Pro 100
Interlaces up to 100 images for 3D, Animation, Motion, Morphs, Flips and more. Built in database to track your projects and settings. User-defined lens materials, lens pitch, output device and print resolution. Interlace with "Resolution Priority" to minimize "Banding" by using native printer resolutions. Interlace RGB, CMYK or Grayscale and virtually any file format compatible with Adobe Photoshop 5.02 and greater.

3DMagic Lenticular Designer 
Produce your own 3D lenticular images with up to 50 layers of depth, from one Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator 8 layered file (exported to a Photoshop file). Automatic and accurate 3D depth adjustment for various lens materials and interlaced image size. Built in database of various lenticular lens materials. Graphical interface for easy visualization and placement of original layers. Produces 2 to 99 images as a sequential image series for 3D interlacing in Magic Interlacer Pro 100, Pro 50 or Magic Interlacer Lite. Built-in "Image Count" calculator so you know how many sequential images are required for ultimate resolution and professional results. (Requires Adobe Photoshop? 6.0 or greater) 

Freeware by Charles Douglas Wehner 
The major problem of creating the striped image is effectively solved by the free availability of high-quality printers, and by the use of the simple LEN DOS command. So if LEN tickles your fancy, you can read here how to make 3D pictures with up to SIX components, and at up to 3072 dots wide. 

3DZ Home 
Shareware. Three programs in a package
Program 1 - 2D for 3D 
- converts with few Mausklicks 2D of pictures (e.g. photos) into 3D. 
- output format: Lenticular, Anaglyphen, animated GIF 
Program 2 - Flip 
- for Lenticular of change pictures 
Program 3 - 3D Lenticular 
- 3D, animation, Morph, zoom shot out up to 10 Frames

3DZ Extreme
Digi-Art - Neue Visuelle Medien
Lenticular and Holograms 3D printing - 3DZ & LCK are two of the of the most advanced easy to use Lenticular and barrier screen printing software (often mistaken for hologram software) packages available. 3DZ & LCK offer professionals and amateurs alike to quickly and easily produce every type of 2D and 3D lenticular image, including Flip, 3D, 2D/3D, Morph, Zoom, Animation and Video sequences, plus combinations. In sizes ranging from 30mm x 30mm right up to 2.5m x 2.5m. 

LenPC Lite Version 
Shareware: New Systems Ind. Co 
Let you experience the simple 3D, Flips at home using PC computer. You need our NS06P lens in order to see the output image. 

Windows (Linux & Mac OS X to come)
The stereoscopic effect is created by aligning six images in a vertical pattern. Depending on the viewers angle, only one image will be visible to each eye at any time. 
EZ3D Photo Print
EZ3D Photo Print is basically designed for those who have photo printer and digital camera, and want to do something funny and special for the photos. Indeed, it can help you easily create 3D photos with your existed normal 2D photos. You don't even need to know anything about 3D technology. To create a 3D photo is very easy as "1-2-3". Yes, just follow the "1-2-3" steps as EZ3D Photo Print requires, anyone can easily finish a 3D photo in a few minutes by yourself. 
3D Gugle 
To transform your preferred images in three-dimensional images

With 3D Gugle you can create Stero Pairs or 2D to 3D conversion images and movies in 3D, stereoscopic or ordinary animations, any type of image manipulation, digital film, transformations or graphic filtering and even more,

3D Gugle also offers you a complete set of tools for working with lenticular images. 

Stereo Pixel MOVER 
Freeware by Charles Douglas Wehner

2D to 3D Stereo Reconstruction
Lenticular Shareware 

The original version of LSWI was called "Lenny", and set THE standard for Lenticular Imaging software quality and ease. LSWI takes that quality to the next level, simplifying the process of making lenticular 3-D, flip, animation/motion, and even anaglyph images easier, quicker, and (believe it or not) even better quality! 

PhotoProjector Easy http://www.3dmix.com/eng/ppeasy.php
PhotoProjector http://www.3dmix.com/eng/photoproj.php
PhotoProjector Plushttp://www.3dmix.com/eng/ppplus.php

creates interlaced images for lenticular sheets and barrier-screens. PhotoProjector is designed for combined use with other programs such as Adobe Photoshop. PhotoProjector doesn't create the viewpoints of 3D scene or animation images. PhotoProjector doesn't print the image. This program creates interlaced images only. Formats of input files are BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG in Greyscale, RGB colour mode, TIFF in CMYK colour mode. Formats of output files areTIFF in colour mode of source images. Don't support compressed and multilayered TIFF .

Freeware: Windows & Mac OsX 

enables to generate slideshow that can be viewed with the stereo image browser StereoBee.
.....provides integration with the 3D modeler 
Art Of Illusion.It enables a 'live' stereo adjustment of a virtual pair of cameras in the 3D scene (with anaglyph glasses) before running the (heavy) final render. Then, the final pair may be reloaded in AnaBuilder to make anaglyph color corrections or to be used with other means of stereo viewing. It is also possible to use AoI to make 3D stereo brushes, and to paint with them in AnaBuilder.
.....offers an integration with the 
stereoscope viewer. It enables views as cross-eyed, parallel, KMQ, mirror, or shutter glasses (Elsa Revelator, H3D, D4D).... 
.....offers an integration with the panorama viewer PTViewer. 
.....also allows stereo-morphing to convert a 2D photo into a 3D photo, or to modify the depht of an existing 3D photo. 
.....makes it possible to touch up the photographs in 3d, or to draw in 3d. 
.....can be used as a touch up program. 
.....offers a 
bracketing merger
.....offers a noise reduction tool.

PSD 3D Converter
PSD 3D Converter is intended for 2D to 3D conversion. The program converts a multilayered PSD file to several stereo viewpoints, that are used for lenticular image creating. Take layered Photoshop file to generate any number of views. Besides every layer can contain a depth map in layer mask.

PSD files are prepared in Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Photoshop Elements, or Adobe Image Ready, where the layers are cut-out and the depth maps are drawn. PSD 3D Converter program process the ready PSD file to produce a 3D sequential series of images. Input image is PSD file in Greyscale, RGB, CMYK colour mode, output images - TIFF files in colour mode of input image. PSD 3D Converter is stand-alone program, does not require Photoshop installation.

ViewsAligner 1.1 is intended for alignment of 3D photo shots (3D views). The program creates the lenticular interlacing image too. ViewsAligner aligns a photo views using bench marks. Bench marks are set in the identical points in all views. Then the program makes the automatical alignment of the views. One bench mark alignment is for the views shifting (if a camera was shifted without tilt). Two bench marks are for the shifting and rotating (if a camera was tilted). Four bench marks are for the shifting, rotating and rescaling (if a camera was tilted, and a shots have a different zoom). There are the manual alignment tools too. You can crop the frames, shift the stereo window and make lenticular image as well. 

VRex DepthStudio? software allows you to take stereoscopic pairs and combine them into ready to view 3D formats. Digitally scan stereo photo pairs or your favorite 3D graphics program to create left and right perspectives. DepthStudio will multiplex the pair, generating a stereoscopic still that is ready to view. DepthStudio even has descriptor support for both jps deliverable files and pns master files! The stereoscopic stills that you create with DepthStudio can then be viewed using VRex's DepthCharge? software or other viewing platform in conjunction with VR-Visualizers?, VRex 3D projectors, or almost any 3D viewing system.

Mac OS X or Windows XP 
ANNA allows both Mac and PC users to rectify stereo image pairs, convert 2D pictures to 3D from many 2D file types like jpeg or tiff or layered files like Photoshop.
Powerful Depth Paint 
Realtime anaglyph previews 
Align Stereo pairs 
Render giant anaglyph files

3D Photo Magic 
3D Photo Magic is specially prepared for those who are running digital photo print shops, or digital imagery affiliated business. With it, you can produce the 3D photo just from the 2D photo in a few minutes. Indeed, it can help you easily create 3D photos with the existed 2D ordinary photos. You don't even need to know anything about 3D technology. Unlike Foto3D Print LE which can only create one 3D object, it allows you to create multiple 3D objects with multiple depth levels in a 2D photo. As a result, you can produce a very vivid and realistic 3D photo. 

Product Features: 1.Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP 
2.GUI (Graphics User Interface) for friendly operation. 
3.Extremely easy to use. 
4.Supports multiple objects with multiple depth levels. 
5.The "Depth" and "Distance" of 3D Object can be adjusted by free hand. 
6.Supports two sets of text string as the 3D objects. 
7.Supports any color printers. 
8.Accepts any DSC photo images and most image formats. 
9.Supports 3"x4", 4"x3", 4"x6", 6"x4", 5"x7", 7"x5", 6"x8", 8"x6", 8"x10" and 10"x8" 3D photo frames and printout sizes. 
10.Can preview 3D effects with i-Art's Auto3D Kit 17" (optional) on LCD monitor to secure 100% success before printing. 
11.No lens lamination is required. No risk for 100% success. 
12.Great for commercially used on photo print shops.
Foto3D Print 
Foto3D Print Lite Edition is basically designed for those who have photo printer and digital camera, and want to do something funny and special for the photos. Indeed, it can help you easily create 3D photos with your existed normal 2D photos. You don't even need to know anything about 3D technology. To create a 3D photo is very easy as "1-2-3". Yes, just follow the "1-2-3" steps as Foto3D Print requires, anyone can easily finish a 3D photo in a few minutes by himself. 

DualStream Stereoscopic Module 
IRIDAS has been doing stereoscopic playback since 2002 - but now you don't need to buy a special version of FrameCycler to do it. The DualStream stereoscopic module is available as an add-on for all FrameCycler Professional 2007 owners.

Stereo playback is completely transparent with automatic detection of left/right eye clips and support for mirroring individual channels. Playback can either be directed to two individual DVI outputs or combined on a single screen for viewing with active shutter glasses.

Freeware: Torsten Krieg 

Gleichzeitiges grabben der Bilder von zwei digitalen Kameras ?ber eine Software --> keine mechanische Kopplung der Ger?te erforderlich, flexible Aufnahmebasis; 
Sofortiges Betrachten des Ergebnisses --> erm?glicht korrekte Ausrichtung der Kameras; 
Zeitausl?ser ?ber Software; 
Aufnahme von Video-Sequenzen

SharewareBrightland Corporation

Real-time stereoscopic 3D image viewer is now available. You can load .jpg, .jps, and .tga images and view them via free-viewing, red/blue anaglyph, or H3D glasses. The viewer allows you to zoom and pan in real-time, and filters the image so no pixels are visible. The stereo3D quality is superb. You can also edit the stereo, crop the images, and save out the result into one stereo image file. The introductory version is shareware with a $20 registration fee. If there are sufficient registrations, a version 2.0 of H3DView will include slideshows, animation support, and improved editing capabilities.

HeavyMath Cam 3D
River Past Cam 3D makes 3D easy. Instead of recording two videos, capturing each to individual files and process them, live video from two webcams are processed and merged into an anaglyph stereo video in real time. You can preview the 3D effect and make adjustments instead of depending on the guesswork.

Getting videos from two webcams of similar model, it merges them automatically into anaglyph look and let you adjust the webcams until everything is right. After that, it is just one single click to get the image saved as a BMP or JPG file. 

La premi?re interface vous permet de: 
- charger des photos (jpg, tiff, png, bmp), s?lectionner un point fixe sur chaque image et faire co?ncider ces points fixes, 
- r?gler les images ? l'aide des outils de zoom, translation, rotation, s?lectionner la zone que vous voulez traiter (dimensionnement), 
- calculer l'image entrelac?e, et imprimer l'image entrelac?e. 
- cr?er des anaglyphes (vert/rouge), cr?er des s?ries de motifs infinis (voir Exemples), 
- imprimer une feuille d'?chantillonage pour connaitre le nombre exact de lentilles par pouce (lpi) de votre plastique lenticulaire,
- sauvegarder les images modifi?s pour une utilisation ?ventuelle dans un autre prpgramme. 
- visualiser les images charg?es en plein ?cran, 
- de capturer les images directement ? partir d'une webcam 

La deuxi?me interface comporte trois mode de travail, 
le mode image, le mode construction, le mode visualisation 3D, 
- charger et sauvegarder des photos (jpg, tiff, png, bmp), 
- s?lectionner des z?ne de couleurs (magic wand) et de les effacer (transparence) ou de les peindre. 
- dessiner ou gommer, 
- r?gler la luminosit?, le constraste et la transparence d'une photo, 
- de tourner ou d'inverser une image. 
- zoomer ou translater une image.

3D - Easy Standard & Professional with ColorCode 3-D
ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark 
Make your own Lenticular 3-D and ColorCode 3-D images on your PC with this ultimate all-in-one 3-D Stereo software. With 3D-Easy you can produce: Lenticular 3-D images (Autostereograms), Flip images, ColorCode 3-D images (ColorCodeStereograms) using the patented ColorCode 3-D Standard encoding and much more. 
Works with Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP.

3D - Easy SPACE (german & english)
Shareware Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP
  • production of 3D-and flip images with the help of the enclosed lenticulars
  • continuous calculation of lenticular images from 10 lpi up to 50 lpi
  • production of gray and colorful anaglyph images (3D Images with red/cyan, red/green and red/blue parts) on the monitor and as a print; this function will be used for the 3D impression of the lenticular image (depth of the room). It can also be used to produce anaglyphs only.
3DP Stereo Slideshow 
Freeware Bernd Simson 
3DP Stereo Slideshow is a stand alone program to show stereo .jps files. Views can be shown as crosseye, parallel, mono or anaglyph. Image files are displayed in alphabetical order from the program directory. Stereo Slideshow supports multiple monitors for presenting right/left views on separate display devices.

3D Slide Projector
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
You can make your 2D or 3D slide show. If you want to make 3D slide show, this program needs a left image and a right image taken by stereo shooting.
The order of your slides and sounds and display method are indicated by 'order.txt' file on the current folder where you install this program.
This program is able to make Color Anaglyph, Gray Anaglyph, Red-Blue Anaglyph, Red-Green Anaglyph, Interleave image(for LC-shutter glasses), Parallel viewing, Cross-eyed viewing, and Dual Screen display(for twin PC-projector)
This program is able to read only 24bit color bitmap image or 24bit color JPEG image only.
If you have two PC-projectors and dual VGA video card, you will be able to have 3D projection by using dual screen mode of this program. 

HYTEK  General Stereo 3D Camera Driver

Key Features of HYTEK Stereo 3D Camera Driver:
Creates a virtual 3D camera that gathers video from two physical cameras 
Compatible with MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, QQ , ICUII and other video chatting software, chat in 3D 
12 different video mixing output modes : left, right, side by side, side by side with ratio, up and down, up and down with ratio, 3D color anaglyph, 3D 
gray anaglyph, 3D true anaglyph, 2D in 3D, 3D in 2D. Can be configured in filter property page. The last settings will be remembered for next time 
Compatible with AMCAP, Windows Media Encoder etc software to record 3D anaglyph video, movie 
Works with adobe flash player, publish your online webcam in 3D 
Works with any webcams (USB or firewire) that support RGB24 and 320x240 or 640x480 , such as logitech quickcam, as well as our 480K Stereo Pair 
Webcam Suite 
and 1.3M Stereo Pair Webcam Suit e 
Provide pin property page for left and right camera selection and set video output size . The last settings will be remembered for next time loading. 
Used for personal or company 3D video conferencing, industry dual camera monitoring system or stereo camera system etc.

Images 3D 
Freeware - G?nter Richter[email protected]


Runs Everywhere: ImageJ runs on Linux, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows, and the Sharp Zaurus PDA 
Open Source: ImageJ and its Java source code are freely available and in the public domain . No license is required. 
User Community: 
ImageJ has a large and knowledgeable worldwide user community. More than 1400 users and developers subscribe to the ImageJ mailing list 
Automate tasks and create custom tools using macros . Automatically generate macro code using the command recorder . More than 200 macros are available on the ImageJ Web site. 
Extend ImageJ by developing plugins using ImageJ's built in text editor and Java compiler. More than 300 plugins are available .

It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.4 or later virtual machine. Downloadable distributions are availablefor Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X and Linux. It can display, edit, analyze, process, save and print 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images. It can read many image formats including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, FITS and "raw". It supports "stacks", a series of images that share a single window. 
ImageJ was designed with an open architecture that provides extensibility via Java plugins. Custom acquisition, analysis and processing plugins can be developed using ImageJ's built in editor and Java compiler. User-written plugins make it possible to solve almost any image processing or analysis problem.

Freeware: Miguel Angel D?az G?mez

Imagen3D is a program developed to create and editing images Anagl?ficas, Side-by-Side, Animated GIF and Interlaced from a pair of digital images. It has the basic tools used by other programs for editing and photo retouching but adapted and optimized for the images in 3D..

ColorCodeShow? 1.0 with ColorCode CS Plus? 
Dual encoding 
ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark
Windows 2000 & XP 


View 3-D images in ColorCode 3-D format on your PC. 
The ColorCodeShow software is the perfect tool to present and view 3-D images (JPS) - downloaded from the Internet, from 3-D image CD's or from your own 3-D image collection e.g. recorded with the Loreo 3-D Lens. 
ColorCodeShow supports 3-D images in JPS, JPG and BMP format, and have Full-screen slideshow facilities for stunning presentations. 
ColorCodeShow can be used with all Side By Side 3-D images. Even stereo pairs (Left & Right image) can be used with ColorCodeShow. 
Works with
Get a Free Limited version of ColorCodeShow here: http://www.colorcode3d.com/conproduc/pages/free_download.htm

JAC - Joergs Anaglyph Composer V1.00
Freeware MS-DOS and LINUX. 

JAC is a small program to create 3D anaglyph images to be viewed with red-blue-glasses.

JAC is a command line driven program.

JPS and MGL OpenGL Stereo Viewer 1.0
JPS OpenGL Stereo Viewer is an program for viewing stereo images in JPS format (left and right image in one JPG file). If you have an graphics card with OpenGL drivers supporting stereo and LCD glasses, you will se the image in 3D mode. If you do not, anaglyph mode for red-blue glasses in implemented as well. 
JPS MGL Stereo Viewer does the same using SciTech MGL graphics lib. 
Available functions.
OpenGL version: Switch left right image , zooming , stereo separation adjustment, anaglyph conversion 
MGL version: Switch left right, automatic graphics resolution switch (replace zooming), stereo separation adjustment.

JPSViewer LE

Limited Edition Windows 3D image file viewer.
? View all your stereoscopic 3D JPS files for free!
? View stereoscopic 3D file thumbnails right from the Windows file Explorer!
? View Stereoscopic 3D JPS, BMS, H3D, PNS, and GIS files on-line for free!
? Supports complete panning and zooming!
? Supports many popular stereoscopic 3D viewing methods (shutter glasses, anaglyph glasses, and more).

Shareware Win9x, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP
COSIMA is a program, which automatically mounts two single stereo images to one perfect stereoimage. It estimates and corrects errors of the height , of the size , of rotations angle , of the keystone distortion and differences of the colors and the contrast . Furthermode a proper stereo window will be set automatically.
COSIMA works internally with the TGA format, other formats are converted (automatically) by IrfanView 


Freeware - Takashi Sekitani, Japan

This program is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. This program is Freeware.
Make gray-anaglyph, color-anaglyph, interleave image for LC-shutter glasses, image for SHARP 3D-LC Display . 
JPEG, BMP format can import and save. 
You can adjust real time for holizontal shift or vertical shift with 'U,D,L,R' buttons on the screen. 
You can adjust brightness or contrast of the image.

3D PhotoStudio 

3D PhotoStudio erstellt mehrere Arten von Stereobildern:

Anaglyphenbild : Stereobild, das bei Betrachtung mit einer Rot-Gr?n- oder Rot-Blau-Brille r?umlich erscheint. 3D PhotoStudio erzeugt Rot-Gr?n- (schwarz-wei?) und Farb-Anaglyphenbilder.

Spiegelstereobild : Farbstereobild, das mit Hilfe eines senkrechten Spiegels dreidimensional betrachtet werden kann.

Stereobild links-rechts / rechts-links : Farbstereobild zur Betrachtung mit Spiegelstereoskop, Prismenbrille oder ohne optische Hilfsmittel (Parallel- oder Kreuzblick)

Stereobild f?r ELSA 3D REVELATOR : Farbstereobild zur Betrachtung mit der ELSA LCD Shutterbrille 3D REVELATOR

Make stereoskopie pictures with only few mouse clicks from your stereo couples. 
Load your picture couples into the left and right preview window. Choose the desired stereoformat ? READY. 

Color-Anaglyph, Black-White-Anaglyph, Real-Anaglyph
VR for Shutter-Glasses
Crossview, Parallelview 

A free pocket-sized stereo base calculator 
BaseCalc is a small calculator that enables the stereophoptographer to compute, on the field, the appropriate stereo base.
  • Base : stereo base, spacing between the lenses or between the two successive positions of a single camera (cha-cha mode)
  • MAOFD : Maximum Acceptable On Film Deviation, related to the highest confortable parallax angle, for 35mm film the value is generally between 1.2 and 1.5 mm
  • Focal Length : camera's focal length
  • dMin : distance of the nearest object (foreground distance)
  • dMax : distance of the farthest object (background distance)

Anaglyph Maker 
Freeware - Mac OS X 
Anaglyph Maker is the result; it is a relatively simple application for combining "stereo pair" images (images taken of the same subject from two positions a few inches apart on the same horizontal plane) into a single anaglyphic image. 


Mike Schlecht's Anaglyph 3d red/blue glasses 
Freeware: Windows
Shareware: Linux $5 


3D Action for Photoshop
Free to use, Author: George Rosema

--For the bw action, select the right image and then hit play or F2 to run the action. Then use the move tool to align the two images (or don your glasses until the 3D image looks right) at your focus spot and crop your image.
--For the color action, bring in 2 color photos and make a new document (File/New) that is the same size as those you are importing. With the new document selected, hit play. When the action is completed. move the layer into position, select your spot of focus, then flatten the layer, crop it, and add contrast if you like.


more3DSTEREO generates 2 perspectives within any realtime-3D-application (i.e. Quest3D, Virtools, 3D-Games, Java3D, Cult3D, simulation software, etc.). The application has to support Direct3D or OpenGL (QuadBuffered).
moreIMAGE for a simple creation of 3D slide shows. With 3D-preview-function. and selectable slide duration, as well as the possibility to save slide shows.
moreVIDEO for a simple and professional playback of 3D-video content. Includes a preview-function and optional selection of a separate audio track. It's able to read the following 3D-formats: Dual Channel/File, IMAX, Field Sequential, Sidefields, Subfields. Video size up to dual channel HDTV (depending on PC performance), uses all video-codecs installed on PC (i.e. MPEG2, DivX etc). 


Multistereobase calculates the camera moving step.

A free picture cataloger for building easily digital photo albums. 
 Runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000 and XP. 
 Build self-running "all-in-one" albums. 
 Supported picture formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, animated GIF, TIFF, TGA, PCX and WMF files. 
 Supported video formats AVI, MOV (QuickTime), MPEG

Although MyAlbum is not a stereoscopic viewer, it has many features usefull to the stereoscopist 
It can handle more than one monitor
It has a plugin to display JPS stereo pictures with many options

PhotoAlb is a virtual photo album for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP . At its simplest level,  PhotoAlb is a powerful image indexer and viewing tool. Using the more sophisticated functions provides image editing, sound and video playback, and database functions to name but a few. 
PhotoAlb can now display stereoscopic 3D photos alongside standard 2D photos, with support for anaglyph and shutter glasses (eDimensional/I-Glasses/Eye3D). 

ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark
Windows 2000 & XP 
View 3-D DVD's, MPEG2 & AVI files in ColorCode 3-D format on your PC.
The ColorCodePlayer software is the optimal way to view 3-D DVD's, MPEG2 and AVI files made for Shutter Glasses - Interlaced (Interleaved, Field Sequential) and Side By Side - in ColorCode 3-D format on your PC.
This makes it possible to use all present and future 3-D DVD releases, made for Shutter Glasses, with modern displays and digital projectors. Finally the ColorCodePlayer is the perfect tool to view your own 3-D MPEG2 and AVI files.
ColorCodePlayer supports DVD's and MPEG2 files in NTSC & PAL format, and AVI files in DivX format.

can create a 3D-image from a pair of images for the left and the right eye. You can view the 3D-images with common red-green glasses so that the image appears to come out of your monitor. PicMaster also supports viewing methods with shutter glasses, mirrors and even without any device.The help file describes the different methods in detail. It shows you how to make your own 3D-images with a simple photo camera.With PicMaster you can print your own 3D-glasses.PicMaster can also convert the images. For example a 3D-image for shutter glasses can be converted into a 3D-image for red-blue glasses. With the conversion you can look at images from the internet even if they have been created with another 3D-method.

Freeware: J?rg Schrammel 

Plascolin is a Linux X11 tool to create and to view anaglyph stereo images.
  • Zoomable display
  • Fullscreen view mode
  • Easy load of next/previous image pairs
  • JPEG support
PokeScope? Stereoscopic Software 
Windows? 95/98/NT/2000/XP 

PokeScope 3D Standard Edition 
A great choice for non-stereo photographers or novice stereo photographers. Demonstrates the power and flexibility of viewing digital stereo images on computer screens while providing basic stereoscopic editing functions. Order 
PokeScope Pro Professional Edition 
A great choice for advanced and professional stereo photographers. Provides many useful and specialized editing tools adapted for stereoscopic images plus all the features in the Standard Edition.
ColorCode i3-D? 4 Mac 1.0 with ColorCode CS Plus? Dual encoding Universal Binary 
Macintosh PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, or Intel Core processor 256MB of RAM Mac OS X v10.4.3 or later; v10.4.4 recommended 
ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark 

Make, present and view 3-D images in ColorCode 3-D format on your Mac ColorCode i3-D is the perfect tool to make 3-D images to be used with iLife and iPod. The 3-D images, to be used with ColorCode i3-D, can be recorded with e.g. a digital 3-D camera or by using a Loreo 3-D Lens. Further you can view JPS 3-D images downloaded from the Internet or from 3-D image CD's on your Mac. 
Finally ColorCode i3-D is a great tool to make stunning and powerful 3-D images for your next professional 3-D project. 
ColorCode i3-D supports 3-D images in JPS, JPG and PNG format, and have Full-screen slideshow facilities for JPS 3-D images. 

ColorCode i3-D is just as easy to use as an iPod. We call it: 1 - 2 - 3-D. Load your material, press the button and view the result.
- Share photos in a whole new way with 3-D Photocasts & Podcasts. 
- Let your iLife come alive in 3-D on the web. - Present the 3-D images with Front Row. 
- Make stunning 3-D company and product presentations. 
- The possibilities with ColorCode 3-D images are nearly endless. 
Get a Free Limited version of ColorCode i3-D here: http://www.colorcode3d.com/conproduc/pages/free_download.htm 

DepthMapCreator is intended for creating depth map basing on stereopair 

A simple tool that allows you to easily convert your own View-Master compatible reels into popular stereo image file formats.  The reels that you've made with your View-Master Personal Camera can now be digitally archived and shared with friends, family, and other 3D enthusiasts! 

StPaint is an application program that allows you to convert your ordinary 2D pictures to Stereoscopic 3D pictures by means of what we call "Depth Painting". In order to realize as smoother 3D conversion as possible, in this program are prepared various kinds of Depth Pen and Painting Mode such as Round Brush, Air Brush, Rectangular Paint, Elliptic Paint, Polygon Paint, and Gradation Paint. Automatic conversions using the value of Brightness and Red or Blue color are also included to give the special effect. 

It is intended for fast preparation of stereoscopic images on computer screens, TV or projection with videoprojectors. Also pairs of images can be saved individually to shoot slides.
Version 2 is a complete remold of version 1. It stays equivalent for the principle but the interface is much nicer ! Now, you can work in full screen mode with autozoom which is very convenient. New windows functions with multiple options allow you to create/move/visualize and save them at will. Moreover, you can rotate also non stereo images with a vertical , horizontal line or by specified angle. There is also an option for fast selecting/editing large quantities of images without the slower rotation. You can import any old stereoscopic images and completely rework them (left/right inversion, new windows ...) as if it was yours !

Stereo 3D XYZ-Axes Graph Plotting Viewer 

This freeware program is a stereo 3D graphing data plotting viewer used to display an input text file xyz-axes data set on a 3 dimensional grid with an additional 4th dimension implemented as plotted dot size. The graph grid display is [4-11-99] implemented in 5 modes: Side by side "cross-eyes" & "wall-eyes" 3D stereo; Superimposed red-right/blue-left & red-left/blue-right filter glasses 3D stereo; Single grid mono "perspective view" 3D. The 3rd and 4th dimension text file data columns are optional.



calculates the camera shift for creating left and rihgt eyes images.

Stereo Base Calc
Freeware for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This software is for calculating Stereo Base that is the separation between the left and right cameras when you taking Hyper or Hypo stereo photograph.
Stereo Calc 
Freeware for Palm OS or Windows XP 

Stereo photography application to calculate the stereo base shift of the camera.

Mac OS 8 & 9 ; Mac OS X 
Linux et les Unix : BSD, HP-UX, Iris, RS/6000, SPARC Solaris, SPARC, Solaris.


StereoChaCha vous permet de corriger les principaux d?fauts d'alignement que vous avez introduit en faisant vos photos 3D relief avec un seul appareil photo. D?fauts qui vous emp?chent de bien voir le relief et vous font mal ? la t?te.

Il va vous permetre un traitement manuel mais rapide de ces d?fauts d'alignement sur des dossiers complets d'images. Puis il vous permet de g?n?rer des pages Web ? partir de ces dossiers d'images pour les pr?senter par les m?thodes de votre choix.

Il permet aussi de g?n?rer des dossiers d'images en prenant toutes les pr?caussions pour ne pas d?truire les originaux.

Stereocard Converter


convert a jps or cross-view jpeg file to a stereocard or stereoview.

StereoData Maker(SDM) 

StereoData Maker(SDM) provides on-screen stereo information for certain Canon compact cameras and can save the data to file. 
It can synchronise twinned cameras up to 1/20,000sec and synch flash at shutter-speeds up to 1/1000 sec 

Stereo GE Browser
Stereo GE Browser functions as a google earth stereo viewer. 

Stereo Google Earth
Stereo Google Earth is a side-by-side WEB page. 

StereoGrabber Stereo Viewer with a Zoom function
Three instead of two stereo pair images are displayed side by side on each page so that they can be freeviewed either by parallel or cross-eyed viewing method.

Stereo Image Maker 
SharewareJean-Claude H?bert 
The first goal of the Stereo Image Maker software is to promote the use of the .PNG image file format for storing stereoscopic images via the private stER chunk ( sTER when it will be officially recognized as a public chunk). 
The second goal is to provide a lot of functions for stereoscopic image creation, manipulations and displaying techniques.  With the exception of the LibPng, LibZlib and LibJpg libraries, the other included source code has been created by me, Adeluc, and it is absolutely free to use.  I simply hope that you will mention me, Adeluc, in your Special thanks to section, if you use my source code in your application.  But do not worry, I will not sue you if you are not doing it. The third goal is to provide a well done application to people who like creating stereoscopic images but do not care about the two first goals above. 
Freeware: Bernd Paksa

The program ?Stereomasken? can be used to create 3-dimensional framing for stereo image pairs. Those are useful to resolve violations of stereo rules or to add artistic elements. 
A properly adjusted stereo pair is needed as a starting point.
Neither distortions, vertical or rotational misalignments nor other refinements of the original stereo image can be achieved with ?Stereomasken? !
You first load a stereo pair and then place and edit a surrounding frame / mask in 2D and 3D. The program allows an interactive preview with crossed or parallel viewing as well as anaglyph colour coding.
You can decide to either save the result as final stereo pair or to save the mask only to load it in a pixel editing application for further processing (border effects).
The program also saves a vector based file to later reload and edit the frame / mask. 

Shareware: Windows and OSX 

Stereomerger can ease your workload! It can help you transfer the images from your camera(s), automatically find the matching stereo pairs you have taken and merge them together to a stereo-file and convert them to which ever format you like. See more features here . Do you have a lot of stereoscopic images? Stereomerger can batch-process your images into almost any stereo-viewing format you can think of! Want to add a frame, some text or maybe you need to brighten some of them up? No problem! Stereomerger have a host of filters/effects you can play around with to create your own scripts. These scripts are stored and can later be applied to any of your new or existing images. 

Do you have a preferred viewing method? Stereomerger have a quite flexible built-in viewer, that supports most viewing method:

StereomorpherPlus is intended for generating new views basing on a stereo pair, that is, in-between and outer viewsStereomorpherPlus includes all possibilities of old Stereomorpher, but works tens, hundreds times quicker, and the result is much better. New application has a many new functions too. 
StereoMovie Maker & StereoMovie Player 
Freeware: Masuji Suto Windows98SE/Me/2000/XP

StereoMovie Maker functions both as a versatile stereo movie editor and stereo movie player. 
It is supportive and friendly to most stereo viewing methods.
- Freeviewing(Parallel-eyed or Cross-eyed)
- Anaglyphic(color anaglyphs or grayscale anaglyphs)
- Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses(Interlacing or Page Fliping) Positon and Frame No. of the left-right movie can be adjusted very easily.Other functions;
Left-Right Image swap, Trimming save, Resize save, Frame control etc...
Support Movie File Type: AVI
StereoPaint Classic
Free for non-commercial use, Windows XP , 2000 
*Convert ANY single 2D image into a stereoscopic 3D image just by painting with your mouse or Wacom? tablet. 
*4 Gradient modes to help with wall and floor conversion. 
*Antialiased Text Layers in Stereoscopic 3D. 
*3D Paint Brushes let you paint in stereoscopic 3D, using any image with Alpha Channel, PNG, JPG or XPM file, or clone part of any image. 
*3D Soft Cloning with RealTime Brush preview lets you accurately edit and touchup images. 
*Realtime preview in Cross-Eye and Anaglyph formats 

StereoPaint ESP3 Lite
StereoPaint ESP3 Pro


StereoPaint ESP3 is a stereoscopic paint program. 
Paint,edit,and convert 3D images using a 3D StereoScopic Cursor (Depth Brush) 
Paint in Stereoscopic 3D 
Edit stereoscopic images 
Convert photos and artwork to stereo 3D 
Create Stereo Art 

Cross-eye, Parallel, and Anaglyph editing (sx, sp, sarb, sabr) 
Direct3D Hardware accelerated drawing engine 
User-editable pixel shader modes 

Side-By-Side Zoom up to 1000% for pixel-accurate editing, Quick Rotate, Pan 
Image Flipper animation for debugging conversions 
Supports Wacom and Genius Tablets - Pressure can be assigned to depth or size 
Smooth AlphaMapped Brushes 
Gradient modes - Horizontal, Vertical, Radial, Dome/Sine 
Multi-brush - adds flat 3D or Volumetric texture 
Import PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, SX 
Export PNG, JPG (JPS) 
Multiple layers with Alpha Channel 
Stereoscopic Text Generator 
Independent layer undo 
Clone tool for touching up 
Stereoscopic 3D GUI - No need to uncross your eyes to select a tool

StereoPhoto Maker
Freeware: Masuji Suto Windows98SE/Me/2000/XP

StereoPhoto Maker functions both as a versatile stereo image editor and stereo image viewer.
It is supportive and friendly to most stereo viewing methods.
- Freeviewing(Parallel-eyed or Cross-eyed)
- Anaglyphic(color anaglyphs or grayscale anaglyphs)
- Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses(Interlacing or Page Fliping)Positon,Angle,Size and Darkness of the left-right image can be adjusted very easily.
Other functions: Zoom In/Out (operated with mouse wheel), Left-Right Image swap, Trimming, Slide Show Script, Multi Conversion, Make a HTML file with JAVA Applet(Example), Resize, Print 
Supported Image File Types: JPEG/BMP/TIFF(without LZW)/Susie Plug-in.

Callipygian 3D Photo Editing Software
Freeware: Windows XP Service Pack 1 ONLY
Automatically handles images of different sizes, and lets you quickly and easily select a region of interest, position the stereo window, adjust a screen-resolution representation, and generate a full-resolution image.

You can generate several different types Anaglyphs:
Red Cyan Full Color: Default mode that takes the Red component from the Left image, and the Cyan component from the Right Image 
Red Cyan Tweaked Color: Similar to above, but with primary colors (R, G, B) desaturated to reduce retinal rilvalry. 
Red Cyan Grayscale Red: The left channel is converted to Grayscale using the NTSC YUV colorspace and mapped to the red channel. This makes an easier-to-see 3D image, at the expense of color fidelity. 
Red Cyan Black/White: Both Left and Right are converted to Grayscale. This makes an easy-to-see 3D image, but with no color information 
Green Magenta Full Color: Uses Green/Magenta instead of Red/Cyan. For LCD projectors viewed with polarized glasses on a sliver screen 
Magenta Green Full Color: Uses Magenta/Green instead of Red/Cyan, as above.

Mac OS system 8.1 or later.

Very very easily, you can get an anaglyph stereo, color anaglyph stereo and interleave stereo format. 
Anaglyph stereo: You need a red and blue glasses.
Interleave stereo: You need a LCS glasses. 
Features: Easy operation like as other Macintosh applications. 
Auto alignment of images position. It is useful of adjusting parallax of your stereo image. 
Open format: PICT, JPEG and many image formats. 
Save format: Standard PICT (RLE). 
Export format: JPEG, BMP, Photoshop etc. (Supported formats are depended on your QuickTime version.) 

Mac OS system 8.1 or later. 
StereoPressDV helps you to make a stereo movie data from your pair of stereo movie. (This is "movie version" of the StereoPress that is my other application). It is an application for Power Macintosh.
Very easily, you can get stereo movie, that is an anaglyph stereo, color anaglyph stereo or interleave stereo format.
Gilbert Grillot - Roger Huet 
St?r?oScan est un logiciel d'aide ? la num?risation de couples st?r?o argentiques et permet le nivellement, recadrage et r?glage de la fen?tre st?r?oscopique. 
Nul besoin d'?tre un expert en informatique pour l'utiliser!!.. 
Ce programme est tout particuli?rement d?di? au traitement de couples st?r?o argentiques mont?s sous cache et num?ris?s sous forme d'un couple 'c?te-c?te' parall?le. 
Il permet aussi de traiter les couples de photo issus d'Appareil Photo Num?rique (APN)  
- prise de vue en1 temps avec 2 APN coupl?s m?caniquement. 
- prise de vue en 2 temps ("Cha-Cha") avec 1 APN sur pied et barette. 

S'il n'y a pas d'erreur de rotation ? corriger, vos images ne seront d?grad?es par aucune interpolation et vous conserverez toute la qualit? de num?risation de vos images. . 

Stereoscopic Multiplexer
Shareware: Peter Wimmer 

Stereoscopic Multiplexer is a Windows driver that allows to capture stereoscopic video using two separate cameras. It is compatible with both DV camcorders and Firewire or USB webcams. It can be used within Stereoscopic Player and all other video software that supports WDM capture devices, for example Windows Media Encoder to stream stereoscopic videos (you can receive Windows Media Stream using Stereoscopic Player). Even if you use two DV cameras but prefer to record to tape, Stereoscopic Multiplexer can help you to align and setup your cameras. 

Stereoscopic Player

Stereoscopic Player allows you to play stereoscopic videos and DVDs (external decoder required). Since it is based on DirectShow, it can handle almost any media format, e.g. AVI, MPEG, WMV and ASF. Videos can be coded in several different stereoscopic formats. Stereoscopic Player remembers input settings for each file you have played in its integrated video library.

 Supported viewing methods

  • Source
  • Monoscopic
  • Dual Screen Output
  • NVIDIA Stereo Driver
  • StereoBright?
  • Quad Buffered OpenGL
  • Sharp 3D Display
  • SIS Attachment
  • Side By Side
  • Over/Under
  • Row Interlaced
  • Column Interlaced
  • True Anaglyph Red - Blue
  • True Anaglyph Red - Green
  • Gray Anaglyph Red - Cyan
  • Gray Anaglyph Yellow - Blue
  • Half Color Anaglyph Red - Cyan
  • Half Color Anaglyph Yellow - Blue
  • Color Anaglyph Red - Cyan
  • Color Anaglyph Yellow - Blue
  • Optimized Anaglyph Red - Cyan

Supported stereo layouts

  • Monoscopic
  • Interlaced
  • Side By Side
  • Over/Under
  • SIS Attachment
STEREOVUE est destin? ? faciliter le montage de couples d'images St?r?oscopiques et vous propose une m?thode rapide et automatis?e. Quelques clicks de souris vous suffiront pour recr?er le relief. 
C'est en quelque sorte une 'monteuse ?lectronique' qui vous permet d'aligner vos images par translation et rotation. On peut ainsi faire la prise de vue ? main lev?e en 2 temps (m?thode 'Cha-Cha') avec un mat?riel photographique courant et l?ger. .

Sudden Depth 2.1
Chasm Graphics,
The Sudden Depth 2.1 stereoscopic image toolkit, with new OpenGL support, is now available. It runs on Windows 95, 98, NT4, and NT 2000 PC operating systems. Stereoscopic formats supported include Above-Below, Line-Alternate, Side-by-Side, Cyberscope, and Squashed Side-by-Side.

Sudden Depth 2.1 works great for: Stereoscopic photography 
Working with rendered computer graphics stereo images 
Processing stereoscopic animation frames 
Medical, dental, x-ray imagery 
Mapping image systems 
CAD or scientific stereoscopic images 
Creating or improving stereoscopic presentations

The Stereoscope - Applet 
Freeware - Andreas Petersik

Current Version of Stereoscope Java Applet: 2.2beta (released: 29 Sep 2002) All you need now is a JAVA 1.1 enabled browser and my about 24kb large JAVA-Applet! (Zipfile with examples is bigger) You save only the left and the right image or as alternative a JPS-image on your web server and the applet calculates all views from these images! So you have to do no work with Photoshop or another program! The visitors of your gallery do not have to download something!  
Tools - Microsoft Excel? spreadsheets 
Calculate 2d and 3d photographic parameters 

Lightspeed Design Inc

DepthQ is a specialized professional-quality digital server technology for the display of stereoscopic 3D film and video media. 
DepthQ cost effectively delivers high-resolution media to 3D theaters, museum exhibits, portable theaters, motion simulators, and corporate events. 
DepthQ is available in two configurations, each capable of displaying flicker-free stereoscopic video, equivalent to two streams of Standard Definition (NTSC/PAL) or High Definition (1920x1080) digital video for right and left eye images. 

The display may use a single graphics pipeline for active shutter glasses or utilize a dual pipeline for projected passive displays. 

For example, a HDTV film made up of 2 separate streams (1920x1080 each) would be stored in a concatenated above/below (left/right) stereoscopic format: 1920x2160, encoded with compression at 100 Mb/s or higher. When played back, DepthQ displays this film in the highest quality stereoscopic format, progressive "page flipping" and interpolates the image to 1600x1200 at 108 Hz refresh rate. DepthQ's image display quality will continue to advance with each improvement in off-the-shelf computer technology. We are currently testing higher resolutions and frame rates. 

3D Combine
Shareware Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me
http://www.3dcombine.com/   http://www.edimensional.com/ 
3DCombine allows you to create a 3D photo from two 2D ones and output it in any 3D format you want. It comes with information on viewing different types of 3D image and a tutorial with sample photos to get you started. 
Use 3DCombine to manipulate existing 3D images including batch converting between 3D formats. 3DCombine now includes a unique function to produce two full colour parallel images from a single colour Anaglyph. There is also support for decoding and encoding AVI video files so that you can create your own 3D videos or convert between formats.
Supported 3D Formats (Load and Save) Anaglyphs (Green or Blue) Parallel Images CrossEyed Images Interlaced Images Above/Below.
Freeware: Torsten Krieg 
Justieren von stereoskopischen Bildern. Systemvorraussetzungen: 
Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
3 MB freier Festplattenspeicher 
Bildschirm: Aufl?sung 1024x768 oder h?her, Farbtiefe 32 Bit (True Color) 

A simple, tiny, FREEware viewer/converter for all 3D video formats on your PC! (Nothing to *install*! Just download it, unzip it and start using it! You can even use it from a CD!) This program plays and converts 3D MPEG, AVI videos or BMP images (crossed, parallel, over/under, interlaced, anaglyph). Even usually-difficult red/blue anaglyph conversions are amazingly good quality and almost completely ghost-free! And... you don't have to save a converted video to view it! (Use the program as a simple 3D media player.)

Wiggle Stereoscopic Viewer 

Possible uses for Wiggle:
1. It is the simplest and best method for displaying stereo photos - Online or offline - No glasses needed - No special hardware needed - No software needed beyond a browser with Flash plugin - It is Free Software (GNU-GPL) 
2. Education: physics, optics, photography, art 
3. Viewing scanned vintage stereoscope cards 
4. 3D visualisation for those with only one eye (seriously)


Freeware - Georges Rosset, Geneva, Switzerland
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0/2000, XP 

Z-Anaglyph will generate a red-blue composite images for 3D viewing (anaglyphs) from two separate images (left and right). Z-Anaglyph can generate grey level and colour anaglyphs. The anaglyphs can be viewed on a computer screen, saved to the disk in the Jpeg or Tiff format, or printed on a colour Printer. Anaglyph are viewed through red-blue glasses to bring out the 3D effect.



2D to3D stereo anaglyph converter
a system for converting usual photos to volumetric (stereo) images, that can be viewed by means of red - blue or red - green glasses (or by means of some other device that allow examining images by left and right eyes separately).The program is intended for fast creation of realistic stereo versions of the images making unnecessary shooting from two close points.

3D Combobulator

The 3D Combobulator, developed by Inition, is a showcase of real-time and photographic 3D content that works on a wide range of stereoscopic displays. It is useful for showing off the potential of 3D displays and also for performing side-by-side comparisons of different displays. It comes with a library of 3D models and 3D photographs.

Stereoscopic modes / displays supported:

3-DonDemand ? with 3DGalleria? & 3DproDVD? player 
ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark 
Real-time 2-D to 3-D conversion software's with ColorCode 3-D ? support. With 3DGalleria and 3DproDVD you can view your favorite images and DVD's in full-color 3-D on your PC without any special accessories = Unlimited 3-D on your PC - anywhere, anytime! These powerful software's is the only in the world which can deliver real-time 2-D to 3-D conversion of ordinary images and DVD's. 
Works with Windows XP. 

3D Pix
3D PIX supports the internet standard for full resolution stereo images-- JPS (two separate images in a JPEG file).

3D PIX also supports images in full-3D (page-flipped), anaglyph (red/blue), interlaced, and cross-eyed (side-by-side) bitmaps and JPEGs.

DepthCharge Browser Plug-In
DepthCharge is a free browser plug-in that makes it easy to view stereoscopic 3D images and videos on the web.  DepthCharge is packed with cool feaures.

Triaxes StereoMeter 

Triaxes StereoMeter is used to calculate the optimum stereo base for making stereo photos. It is very convenient for photographers, taking a sequence of frames for stereo and 3D lenticular images

StereoMeter user guide